Look Around. About 60 miles up, and you will enter an unending, exotic wilderness that few people will ever visit. Space. A few thousand miles down, and you will find an unexplored superheated sphere of metal as hot as the surface of the Sun. The Earth’s core.

From pictures snapped on the surface of other worlds, to glimpses of the very molecules that form our visible universe, we live in an age where scientific discovery is unlocking the world for us in incredible ways.

At Project Aurora Games, we think differently about STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are exciting windows to the world, and we think it's time learning about them was as exciting as the content itself.







An interactive Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering learning solution for K-12.

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Project Aurora Games is a unique combination of visionary thinkers, scientists, game developers, and top engineers. We are working every day to bring STEM to students and teachers in new and exciting ways

Who We Are: Project Aurora Games, LLC is a New York-based, independent game developer and STEM content provider. Our team has decades of experience in game design and science outreach, with members that have worked on everything from exploring alien worlds to releasing AAA, casual, and portable games. Project Aurora Games, LLC was founded with the vision that space and science can be stunning, bizarre, and out of this world, but they are also real. We gain inspiration, and content, by working with the real life leaders in STEM today.

We are developing a suite of products to interactively involve our audiences with the world beyond our atmosphere. As a gaming company, we are designing with the philosophy that STEM itself is the greatest inspiration we could find. With compelling stories and spectacular, realistic experiences, we are bringing space and STEM to you as literally as we can with today's technology.

Our Team We have a team of top developers, scientists, and engineers, and are partnering with places like NASA, private space companies and top universities to bring you cutting edge interactive products. We have a unique combination of game development experience and science expertise. Contact us for more information on our full production teams. About our core design team.

Mbambu Miller, Founder & CEO Mbambu has a public policy background, and worked in digital startup companies after leaving the public sector. In his prior role as COO for LawClique (a digital startup catering to law students and legal professionals), Mbambu developed user-driven and educational software based on innovative entertainment products and modular digital platforms. Mbambu is a passionate amateur astronomer and proud Messier marathoner with a longstanding interest in the development of space policy planning. He has strong ties to the New York astronomical community which supports the company's mission to bring space and astronomy to the general public. Mbambu is a member of the International Game Developers Association, New York chapter. He received his BA from Amherst College and a J.D. from the Cardozo law school.

Caleb Scharf, Lead Astronomer Caleb Scharf received a PhD in astronomy from the University of Cambridge and has held research positions at NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute. He is currently the director of Columbia University’s multidisciplinary Astrobiology Center. He has an extensive publication record in the fields of observational cosmology, X-ray astronomy, and exoplanetary science. He is also the author of the undergraduate textbook “Extrasolar planets and astrobiology” (University Science Books) and Gravity's Engines: How Bubble-Blowing Black Holes Rule Galaxies, Stars, and Life in the Cosmos (MacMillan), one of The Barnes and Noble Review Editors’ Picks: Best Nonfiction of 2012

Our company includes space visionaries, engineers, experienced developers, and cutting-edge artists and astronomers. We are Project Aurora Games, LLC. Our unique space products are taking space to the next level. Email us at info@projectauroragames.comfor information on our products and to see what the Aurora can do for you.


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TEACHERS COUNT AT PROJECT AURORA GAMES Project Aurora Games combines games with real space and science expertise to create digital learning and in-class experiences that teachers can rely on for teaching crucial STEM topics.

WE ARE NOW OFFERING FREE SPACE AND ASTRONOMY LESSON PLANNING SERVICES FOR ALL LICENSED TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS. We believe that teaching science and technology is crucial to preparing students for the world of today and tomorrow. We are designing cutting edge videogames and interactive play experiences as a new and engaging way to bring students to these disciplines while having fun! And we are working with professors and graduate students at top universities to bring you the lessons you can use, and that will make your science classes shine. Let us know if you would be interested in incorporating our digital learning products into your classroom.
Contact us at for more information on our lesson planning assistance program and to see what we can do for you.


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Project Aurora Games is bringing together visionary artists, innovative thinkers, top-notch game developers, space experts and talented engineers. If you are interested in learning about joining our game development team, email us at for more information.

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